Welcome to Bonjour my Dear the blog !

Little word from the Author:

The blog just opened it’s doors. It may take a little time for us to find our rythme. On the top menu, you will be able to click on either the full blog, or on a specific category. If you have any questions please let me know. I have a contact information form you can use.

Please enjoy. Looking forward to spend time with you.

Take Care, Pauline

  • My Unexpected Life !

    9 July 2019 by

    Bonjour My Dear Friend, It’s been a while since I did a first blog post and I was not sure what to talk about. I have subjects I want to share with you, but I did not want to do it right away without opening to you more. This English blog is all new to… Read more

  • My healthy Journey

    3 July 2019 by

    Bonjour my Dear, Like I mentioned in my introduction, one of my main goal this year is to lose weight and become healthier. Be a better version of myself. I started this new lifestyle early May and tried to incorporate a new routine in my life to help me reach that goal. I started May… Read more

  • Welcome to “Bonjour My Dear” the Blog !

    16 June 2019 by

    Bonjour My Dear, I am really please you decided to stop by and read this first post. I always loved to write and share with others about various subjects. I hope this first post will make you want to come back. Let’s start by a little introduction. My name is Pauline. I live in Pennsylvania,… Read more

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